KPI Masterclass

KPI Masterclass Developing KPIs that Link to Strategy

“Our team completed the KPI Masterclass with Graham. He provides great practical advice and lots of case studies to help bring the information to life.

I highly recommend this masterclass to anyone in business.

Even if you believe you have a clear strategy and the right metrics…..there are priceless gems in this course”.

Paula Hann – CEO, Metagenics 

Pandemic’s Impact

In the last few years things have changed – dramatically. CEOs, executive teams and managers have realised that they must reset how they measure business performance. Among the drivers of this change are:

  • Volatility – in the business environment
  • Dependencies – a heightened awareness, e.g., on suppliers in the supply chain; on employees working from anywhere
  • Stakeholders – a new emphasis on “stakeholders” in management thinking and action, e.g., “stakeholder capitalism”

This program shows how to embrace these changes via an effective performance-measurement framework to move with the times and come out on top.

Interactive Format

The package consists of 5 one-hour, interactive modules presented by Graham via Zoom Meetings. While the sessions include PowerPoint they are ultimately intimate interactions designed to meet your needs. They are not impersonal webinars.

Each module concludes with a 15 minute Q&A session.

Follow-up Coaching Included

The price for the KPI Masterclass includes an individual coaching session with Dr Kenny by phone or online at the end of the course.

There is no limit on the length of this session with some lasting an hour and a half.

Masterclass Modules


For most organisations and business units developing KPIs is a haphazard affair. It’s often the result of a brainstorming session in which the person who talks the loudest or is most senior gets his or her way. This is not the best route to an effective scorecard of KPIs. You need a framework and a method that are theoretically sound and practically simple. The questions addressed in this module include:

  • Are you confusing activity measurement with performance measurement?
  • Are you clear about what “KPI” means?
  • Do your KPIs align with your corporate strategy?
  • How can I test my scorecard?


Many organisations approach performance measurement inside-out. Senior management’s perspective is naturally looking out from the organisation or business unit. The result is that the developed measures tend be operational rather than strategic. A more effective starting point is to look back at the organisation or business unit, i.e., outside-in. The questions addressed in this module include:

  • How do you achieve ownership of KPIs?
  • How do you develop measures outside-in?
  • Do you see performance measurement as a two-way street?
  • Are there principles to follow in developing effective KPIs?


Objectives are essential in shaping strategy. Yet most management teams make a Where do you start in developing performance measures? Well, here’s something that makes it simple. There are only three ways to measure results in business. Working from this understanding allows management teams to develop a large number of measures which they can put together as a matrix before narrowing down to a scorecard. The questions addressed in this module include:

  • How do you measure results in business?
  • Are you missing important KPIs in your organisation?
  • What is a measures matrix versus a scorecard?
  • What’s better – objective or subjective measures?


Your scorecard contains the shortlist of KPIs against which you’ll track the success of your organisation or business unit. But how to choose them? What should be their focus? The questions addressed in this module include:

  • Where to find leading indicators?
  • How does a framework determine the final scorecard?
  • How do you select measures to become KPIs in scorecard?
  • What’s the difference between a Balanced Scorecard and Focused Scorecard?


The relationship between KPIs in a scorecard is not demonstrated by a simple table. There’s a cause and effect between results for employees and results for customers, for example. Mapping these outcomes and understanding these relationships is important in target setting, establishing measurement intervals and resource alloocation. The questions addressed in this module include:

  • Why map your KPIs?
  • How to map your KPIs?
  • Why are measurement intervals important?
  • How to use your scorecard?

Dates and Times

The dates and times of the 5 one-hour, interactive modules are tailored to meet client needs.

Business Outcomes

What’s the bottom line for your organization?

Here are a few outcomes nominated by past attendees:

  • Clearer path to business growth and profitability
  • Better performance thinking among our executive team
  • Clarity around our business’s outcomes
  • More focus as an organization, with projects directly aligned to corporate success
  • Clear understanding of who our key stakeholders are
  • Results that can be easily communicated and acted on
  • Simple and effective performance measures

Learning Outcomes

A masterclass involves learning from the best. Graham Kenny brings to these sessions what he has learned as a manager, CEO, company director, university professor, consultant and regular author in the Harvard Business Review. He has packaged his approach as a simple and effective method called the Strategic Factor System.

By attending you’ll receive a series of practical tips, suggestions, ideas and methods.

You’ll leave knowing you’ve heard the right stuff from a thought leader and subject expert. In particular you’ll receive:

  • A clear understanding of what “performance” measurement is and isn’t
  • A simple way to identify effective performance measures for your organisation, department or section
  • A method to identify KPIs to produce a scorecard of business performance

Who Will Benefit

All managers interested in boosting their business unit’s or organisation’s performance by developing:

  • a clearer view of what “performance” really means for their organisation;
  • better thinking around performance management;
  • a practical method to link a scorecard of KPIs to a business’s strategy.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any group, organisation or sector. Businesses, government enterprises and agencies as well as not-for-profit organisations will benefit greatly from these practical and proven methods.