Develop KPIs to Track Your Strategy

Develop KPIs to Track Your Strategy

Scheduled Program, 18 October 2024, Sydney, Pullman Quay Hotel

Tailored program, In-person or Online

Do your KPIs match your strategy or strategic plan? Do you find that when you develop KPIs it’s often just a brainstorming session in which the most senior person, or simply the loudest person, gets their way?

The pandemic has caused businesses globally to redefine what “performance” really means for their organisation, and to reset how they measure it. Among the drivers of this change are:

  • Volatility – the uncertain business environment has made previous measures obsolete
  • Dependencies – supply chains are disrupted and employees are now working from anywhere
  • Stakeholders – a new emphasis on “stakeholders” in management thinking has required an overhaul of performance indicators

This program will show you how to embrace these changes via an effective performance-measurement framework to move with the times and come out on top.

This program is suitable for business owners, executives and leaders in business, government and not-for-profit sectors. If tailored, it will be designed to your specific needs.

Your Outcomes

The streamlined, fast-paced, but interactive, 5-hour program provides:

  • Skills to establish a scorecard of KPIs
  • Clear path to business growth and profitability
  • Simple and effective method to design performance measures
  • Firm understanding of your business outcomes
  • KPIs directly aligned to strategic success

Who Will Benefit

Suitable for managers in these three sectors 

  • Business
  • Government
  • Not-for-profit

Your Presenter – Dr Graham Kenny

Graham Kenny is a global expert in strategy and performance measurement. He has written five books and numerous articles. His Harvard Business Review articles are at the cutting edge of management thinking and have been accessed hundreds of thousands of times. Some rank among HBR’s most popular.

Graham is CEO of Strategic Factors – a consultancy specialising in business strategy, strategic planning and performance measurement.

He draws on his managerial experience in several industries, his extensive company research and his many client cases. These are from dozens of industries. Graham goes beyond buzzwords to provide detailed and practical steps to measure performance.

“Great practical advice and lots of case studies to help bring the information to life.

Even if you believe you have a clear strategy and the right metrics…..there are priceless gems in this course”.

Paula Hann – CEO, Metagenics 

Program Modules

The program is divided into four precise modules delivered over 5 hours with suitable rest breaks. Each module addresses a specific question by:

  • Explaining the theory
  • Demonstrating the method
  • Providing examples
  • Offering opportunities to apply methods to practice.

Module 1: What Exactly Is Performance Measurement?

Many organisations approach performance measurement inside-out focusing on how leaders assess stakeholders not the other way around. This module asks:

  • Are you confusing activity measurement with performance measurement?
  • Do you see performance measurement as a two-way street?
  • What are the principles of effective KPIs?

Module 2: What Do You Want from Your Stakeholders?

You need to know what you want from your key stakeholders and how to assess this. There are only three ways to measure results in business and in this session you’ll learn how to use them. This module asks:

  • What do you want your key stakeholders to do?
  • Have you captured this in your KPIs?
  • Should you mix objective or subjective measures?

Module 3: What Do Your Stakeholders Want from You?

Your key stakeholders have expectations of your performance. Mapping these expectations and the way they impact other business outcomes is critical to effective metrics. This module asks:

  • Do you know what matters to your key stakeholders?
  • Do you know how they define and select what they want?
  • What is the cause and effect between stakeholders’ expectations and your organisation’s outcomes?

Module 4: How Do You Put This Together As a Scorecard?

Your scorecard contains the shortlist of KPIs against which you’ll track the success of your organisation or business unit. But how do you select them? This module asks:

  • How do you select measures to become KPIs in your scorecard?
  • How do you define your leading indicators?
  • How do you set targets in your scorecard?

Interactive Format

Whether delivered in-person or online the workshop series features group sessions with slide presentations and interactive workshopping.

Each module concludes with a Q&A session.

As an optional extra Graham can join you for a one-on-one consultation and coaching session to work on your performance measurement issues – in-person, online or by phone.

Optional Extra – Individual Coaching Session

A focused one-hour team consultation and coaching session with Graham Kenny to deep-dive into performance measurement and scorecard development for your business.

Price and Details for Scheduled Program

Price: For each workshop, $950 Australian including GST. (Great value! 10% discount for also attending “Design Your Strategy for Advantageor for group bookings of 2 or more people.)

Inclusions: Fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Schedule: Registration is from 8.30am. The workshop commences at 9.00am and concludes at 3.00pm. This is followed by drinks and networking.

Scheduled Program, 18 October 2024, Sydney, Pullman Quay Hotel

Tailored program, In-person or Online