Design Your Strategy for Advantage

Design Your Strategy for Advantage

Scheduled Program, 17 October 2024, Sydney, Pullman Quay Hotel

Tailored Program, In-person or Online

In the last few years things have changed – dramatically. CEOs, executive teams and managers realise they must reset how they undertake business strategy. Among the drivers of this change are:

  • Volatility – unexpected disturbances in the business environment are likely at any moment
  • Dependencies – new pressures have arisen from suppliers in a disrupted supply chain and employees are now working from anywhere
  • Stakeholders – a new emphasis on “stakeholders” in management thinking and action, that’s been dubbed “stakeholder capitalism”

This program is suitable for business owners, executives and leaders in business, government and not-for-profit sectors. If tailored, it will be designed to your specific needs.

Your Outcomes

The streamlined, fast-paced, but interactive, 5-hour program shows you how to achieve:

  • Business growth and profitability
  • Clear and measurable business objectives
  • Productive relationships with key stakeholders
  • Business strategy executed consistently
  • Clear competitive advantage

Who Will Benefit

Suitable for managers in all three sectors:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Non-for-profit

Your Presenter – Dr Graham Kenny

Graham Kenny is a global expert in strategy and performance measurement. He has written five books, numerous articles and is a regular author in the Harvard Business Review. His HBR articles are at the cutting edge of management thinking and have been accessed hundreds of thousands of times. Some rank among HBR’s most popular.

He is CEO of Strategic Factors – a consultancy specialising in business strategy, strategic planning and performance measurement.

He draws on his managerial experience in several industries, his extensive company research and his many client cases. These are from dozens of industries. Graham goes beyond buzzwords to provide detailed practical steps to design and measure corporate strategy.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to business managers, CEOs and anyone that needs help to understand strategy and in how to make it work for their business.

THE MAN in strategy, as far as I am concerned. This has been life and career changing.”

Tom Elmer – Professor, West Chester University of Pennsylvania & Consultant

Program Modules

The program is divided into four precise modules delivered over 5 hours with suitable rest breaks between modules. Each module addresses a specific question by:

  • Explaining the theory
  • Demonstrating the method
  • Providing examples
  • Offering opportunities to apply methods to practice.

Module 1: Who Do You Depend on for Success?

“Key stakeholders” are now front and centre in modern strategy design. But how do you identify them? And which ones are “key”? This module asks:

  • Does your team genuinely understand what’s going on in your industry?
  • Can you identify your “key” stakeholders?
  • Can you describe your target customer clearly?

Module 2: How Do You Measure Your Success?

Objectives are essential in shaping strategy. Yet most management teams make a complete mess of writing clear and measurable objectives. This module asks:

  • Are you crystal clear on what you want your stakeholders to do?
  • Are you aware of the three ways to measure business results?
  • Where do mission, vision and purpose statements fit in?

Module 3: How Do You Achieve Competitive Advantage?

Competitive advantage means doing better than your competition. And that includes beating the competition for all your stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, and investors. This module asks:

  • Do you know the keys to your competitive advantage?
  • Have you developed clear positions on where you stand?
  • Do you know how to research strategic factors?

Module 4: How Do You Execute Your Advantage?

It seems obvious to say that it’s not enough to design strategy, you must execute it as well. Research shows that this is precisely where things come unstuck. This module asks:

  • Have you tried to do too much in the past?
  • Do you know how to monitor progress?
  • Do you know how to schedule and track your evaluations?

Interactive Format

Whether delivered in-person or online the workshop series features group sessions with slide presentations and interactive workshopping.

Each module concludes with a Q&A session.

As an optional extra Graham can join you for a one-on-one consultation and coaching session to work on your strategy issues – online or by phone.

Optional Extra – Individual Coaching Session

A focused one-hour team consultation and coaching session with Graham Kenny to deep-dive into the strategy challenges facing your organisation or business unit.

Price and Details for Scheduled Program

Price: For each workshop, $950 Australian including GST. (Great value! 10% discount for also attending “Develop KPIs to Track Your Strategy or for group bookings of 2 or more people.)

Inclusions: Fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Schedule: Registration is from 8.30am. The workshop commences at 9.00am and concludes at 3.00pm. This is followed by drinks and networking.

Scheduled Program, 17 October 2024, Sydney, Pullman Quay Hotel

Tailored Program, In-person or Online