Design Your Competitive Advantage

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“I attended Dr Kenny’s masterclass. I found it extremely insightful and contemporary in content and delivery. Dr Kenny is very knowledgeable and his sharing of experiences was especially useful as it allowed me to benchmark my understanding against the market.

I would highly recommend Dr Kenny and his course!”.


Mark Wiggins – CEO, Hall Payne Lawyers

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Business Outcomes

What’s the bottom line for your organization?

Competitive advantage, or doing better than the alternative, must be achieved at every interface with your key stakeholders – customers, yes, but employees, suppliers and so on, too.

There are two ways to achieve this. One is by better positioning on strategic factors. The other is by inventing a new business model.

Answers to these questions will be found in this workshop:

  • Do you know the keys to your competitive advantage?
  • How can you research strategic factors?
  • Has your organisation or business unit developed clear positions on where it stands?
  • Where might you start in designing a new business model?


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Your Learning Outcomes

By attending you’ll receive a series of practical tips, suggestions, ideas and methods. Dr Graham Kenny brings to these sessions what he has learned as a manager, CEO, company director, university professor, consultant and regular author in the Harvard Business Review. He has packaged his approach as a simple and effective method called the Strategic Factor System.

You’ll leave knowing you’ve heard the right stuff from a thought leader and subject expert.


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Online Workshop Duration

This interactive, online workshop will be customised to your specific needs. You may wish your team to attend a one-hour session. On the other hand you may require a longer session. The choice is yours.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Target Audience

All managers interested in boosting their business unit’s or organisation’s performance.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any group, organisation or sector. Businesses, government enterprises and agencies as well as not-for-profit organisations will benefit greatly from these practical and proven methods.

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